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Tenative roadmap

10.27.2021 - Origins

The day that will forever change the world. This was the day the first NFT virus was created discovered by our scientists. It was at this exact moment that our team realized we needed to start the production of a website. It was critical that the website helps us to track the spread of these new Viruses. We are now working around the clock from this moment forward to document as many of these NFT viruses as possible.

01.15.2021 - Documentation Phase

Our team of interns scientists can finally rest knowing they have documented all currently known NFT viruses that are in the wild. The documentation including incredibly rare photography of these NFTs has been turned over to the website team. They are continuing the effort to get this information available to the masses.

01.31.2021 - Tracking System

We are projecting to have our documentation engine in place by this date. Our team of outsourced labor developers will initiate the first set of tracking protocols at this time allowing us to see the viruses spread. This first of its kind real-time virus tracking application will revolutionize how politicians epidemiologists make decisions by giving them the best data possible. We may require multiple test phases to polish this system.

Testing phase image.

Full testing phase
Whitelist rewards for testers

2022 - Q1 - Initial NFT Release (MINT)

Our team has been able to safely seal real virus strains in NFT token format. In order to make loads of money fund the project into the future. We have bribed gotten clearance from many organizations around the globe to offer original strands of these Viral NFTs to around 1,500 lucky individuals. We will identify a minting partner distribution method to get these viruses safely stored all across the world.

2022 - Q1 - Air Dropping Mutations

During our experimenting packaging of the Virus NFTs, we noticed several viral strains have mutated. We sent these strains back to our research center for documentation. Once 100% of the original set of Virus NFTs are secured by their new handlers. We will document these rare mutations and select 15 lucky owners to receive a mutation airdropped to them. Note to self: (Is air-dropping a virus-safe? - Have an intern test this out.)

2022 - Q1 - End Of First Tracking Cycle

The end of the first official tracking phase. Sprint 1 tracking will be stopped at this point. The viruses that have been spread the most will be carefully studied and any mutations that may have occurred in the wild will be documented. Original virus strand NFT hodlers holders will be tasked with securing these new mutations. We will contact them directly with information about their allocations.

  • Top spread virus will have 3 new mutations distributed amongst its community. 1 going to NFT holders. 2 going to infected participants.
  • 2-5 spread viruses will have 2 mutations distributed amongst its community. 1 going to NFT holders. 1 going to infected participants.
  • 5 additional mutations may be identified and distributed amongst all remaining virus NFT holders and infected participants.
  • Top 5 super spreaders will receive a mutation allocation.
  • 5 other mutations will be split amongst the remaining pool of spreaders.

This gives 20 opportunities to get a mutation NFT. We just ask that they cover the packaging, shipping, handling fees.

Roadmap tracking cycles image. Photography by Chuttersnap.

Tracking cycles will continue every two weeks
Including rewards structured as mentioned above.

2022 - Q2 - Research Lab Tokens

We are noticing that spreading is occurring at an alarming rate. Our team of unpaid interns research assistants cannot keep up this pace. In order to attract the best scientists from around the world to help with this Viral NFT spread, we need to raise lots and lots of money to fund additional laboratories. We are going to launch a Token system that allows people affected by the spread of these Viral NFTs to help fund critical research to save the world or make it much worse from the effects of these viruses. We will allow token holders to spend these tokens within the Research Lab Network on our website to fund projects.

2022 - Q2 Research Lab Network Opens

Now that scientists know they are going to be paid for their research. We are getting tons of applications to join our research team! This is great news. We are going to allow our scientists to submit research ideas every 2-week cycle in the Research Lab on our website. If you choose to send your tokens to their funding address you can play a critical role in causing change within the game.

We don't have the resources at this time from the money we are skimming off of this project to validate the ethics of any of these scientists' applications. It is entirely possible that some of these scientists may have nefarious intentions such as increasing the ability of a virus NFT to spread. Etc.. but.. We trust this scientific community. We are sure you all can ethical decisions.

2022 - Q3 - World Virus Organization

Viruses are now affecting people all across the world. Our team has identified a great need to sell provide guidance to countries all around the world. It is also evident that the Research Laboratory Network needs an oversight board. We are announcing a Decentralized Autonomous Organization known as the WVO. The WVO will for a nominal fee regulate the Research Lab Network (RLN) ensuring that all operations are running safely to prevent an unpaid for unintended leak of viral data from a shady lab.

We will depend on our original viral strain NFT holders to help manage the WVO and vote on proposals. These proposals will include future roadmap features and alterations to the game's economy.

Roadmap future image by Ben Collins.

The end of Q4 will have a massive announcement.
The WVO will have a vote that affects the future of a whole new series of the population. 
Who will they choose?

2023 - Roadmap 2.0

Chimera Viruses, Physical Merch Store, New game mechanics, and Collaborative Projects

We have tons of ideas in store. The WVO will help fund and steer the future of the game. Stay tuned to find out the path they will set.

Thank you for the great photography via Unsplash by creators such as:
Ben Collins, Chuttersnap, Danny Lines, Jp Valery, Louis Reed, and Hiep Doung.

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