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What is the Research Lab?

How did you get in here? I mean.. uh Welcome!
This is our previously secret high(ish) security research laboratory. I can only assume that you are some sort of investor. This means we appreciate your money are happy to show you around the facility so you can look at some of the opportunities that could benefit from additional funding support.

We will not ask any questions about your motives. We are happy to take your money to help progress scientific advancement at any cost to better the world! Each research opportunity will be available to your team for the remaining duration of the current cycle. Choose wisely to help your team improve on the leaderboard.

PPE VirologyNFT Mask

Particulate multiplication masks

These masks look really cool compared to average useless cloth face masks. However, we have devised a nanoparticle splitter and multiplier directly into the mask itself. We will customize the mask to any particular virus strain. This special mask allows for an increase in the transmission rate by nearly 15% for all super spreaders. At first glance, this may seem like a morally questionable product. However, we can assure you that we only slightly manipulated organic, free-range, green substances to produce these filters. If you think about it. They are actually good for the environment. They are also proven to speed up the process of creating herd immunity. We will happily pass these masks out to all your super spreaders. We can only assume this will help humanity in the long run! Sharing is caring.

Specialized filtration masks

Obviously, if we have the ability to split and multiply a virus. We also developed specialized nano filters that can be adapted to a specific viral strain. If you see a specific viral strain looks as though it is spreading too rapidly. You could save the world! By funding a research project that will protect people against that specific viral strain. Lucky for you. We have already mass-produced these masks and can start handing them out as soon as we are reimbursed for our costs. We have developed an incredible supply chain and a top-of-the-line research team to quickly get these masks out to the public. Unfortunately, we only have enough supply to give out to everyone for one cycle.

PPE - Virology Hazmat Suit

Increase Infection Rates

Off-books research initiatives

Due to everything being in a frenzy right now. It is a great time to get some questionable research done in the name of saving humanity. We have a program definitely not gain of function that will help us create develop new treatments to virus strains that don't exist yet! We just need to create the viruses first to build the treatments. We will take a specific strain of the virus and study a remedy for a potential variant. Once we have completed our research we will happily send you an "example" variant that we created synthesized for testing and verification purposes only.

World Virus Organization

Rest secure at night knowing that our pharmaceutical company-funded organization is providing oversight to labs around the world! We ensure that laboratories are safe and adhere to some of the latest standards.

For security purposes only, we have created our own proprietary currency called the Research Lab Token. This currency is purchased from the WVO. You can use it through our lab ordering website to procure research programs.

Together we can save humanity!

World Virus Organization Token Logo

Social Spreading Games

We are a team of marketers, artists, and developers. We had a vision to make simple web based utilities. Our goal for these projects is to provide an entry point for more people to experience the exciting world of crypto currency and NFTs. We hope that our projects bring joy and learning opportunities to everyone who would like to particpate in them.

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