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Discord group is open
Posted on: 12/12/2021
Join our discord community today.

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VIRUS token has been created on the Solana blockchain
Posted on: 12/11/2021
The VIRUS token is designed to be used for World Virus Organization voting rights

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rlab token has been officially released on Solana block chain
Posted on: 12/10/2021
This currency will be rewarded to participants in the game. It will also be available for purchase.

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Release Date Announced
Posted on: 11/28/2021
Official Release Announced 01/09/22 on SolSea.

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What is VirologyNFT?

VirologyNFT is a project designed around building a community. Our project has found inspiration in current events and the type of communication needed to make a Non-Fungible Token project successful. Thriving NFT communities have people who do an incredible job of infecting those around them with a sense of positivity around a project.

We wanted to bring those themes into a fun characterization of the NFT ecosystem. Viruses are a topic on everyone's mind right now and are a perfect fit for the concepts we are trying to convey.

You may even learn about some viruses and their diseases along the way. We hope you enjoy the social experiment that this project is creating.

Important notes:

  • No need to own an NFT to play
  • Beta version of the game is coming prior to mint
  • Tokens will be used for in-game power-ups

VirologyNFT Logo

How do you play the game?

The game is open to EVERYONE! We have two paths for the game. One path is for our NFT holders. This path allows them to take the role of the virus. Their goal is to infect as many people as possible for their virus family. The second opportunity is for individuals to help spread the virus of their choice by first becoming infected themselves.

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Play as the virus!

Get involved on an ownership level. Purchase a Solana virus strain NFT from SolSea.io

Once you own an NFT. You can use your NFT's unique share link to spread your virus to the masses.

At the conclusion of each cycle, mutation strains will be released to winning NFT holders. These strains can have special abilities. Increasing your strains NFT holder community count boosts your team's chances for success.

In a future iteration of the roadmap, each virus will receive a designated amount of tokens for participation that can be sold or used in the research lab.

Spreader Image

Play as a spreader!

Are you a reckless and dangerous individual? Then, take on the role of a super spreader. You are a free agent for hire. Join a virus strain by becoming infected. To start, you have become infected by the virus strain of your choice.

Now, your job is to start infecting others. You will use your unique sharing link to pull as many people as possible into your chosen virus strain. Check your status on the Super Spreader leaderboard.

Play to earn a chance to acquire your own NFT. At the conclusion of each cycle, additional NFTs will be released to a few lucky super spreaders. In a future iteration of the roadmap, each spreader will receive a designated token for participation that can be sold or used in the research lab.

Social Spreading Games

We are a team of marketers, artists, and developers. We had a vision to make simple web based utilities. Our goal for these projects is to provide an entry point for more people to experience the exciting world of crypto currency and NFTs. We hope that our projects bring joy and learning opportunities to everyone who would like to particpate in them.

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